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We are a reputable car detailer in Melbourne. With a passion for cars to impressive lengths, Unsurpassed Vehicle Image offers exceptional car detailing and valet services to our customers in Melbourne. Our prestige car detailing service ensures to transform your vehicle to its former glory. With over 25 years in the industry and having a high profile client, we are best known for our prestige Car Detailing Melbourne services. We also have car storage in Melbourne for your prestige car.

Our on-site detailing studio in Melbourne offers professional car detailing service which can transform your vehicle’s appearance. Full interior and exterior detailing service can be done on request. We also offer professional buff service for your vehicle’s glossy appearance. Our Concours Preparation will restore your vehicle’s former glory. You can avail our Pre-scheduled regular maintenance service.

Happy Cars, Happy Clients

Prestige Car Wash In Melbourne, CBD

Looking for a car wash service in Melbourne, CBD? We provide high-quality car wash service including traditional hand car wash and hi-tech car wash services to our customers in Melbourne. The way you service your car at regular intervals, regular car wash for your vehicle can do wonders for your car. Now, with our car wash services, you don’t have to drive in an unclean and shabby looking car. We ensure to clean them to the maximum standards and turn them into a sleek looking vehicle.

As experienced professionals in car detailing and prestige car wash services, we have state-of-the-art equipment for cash washing to ensure that your car looks pristine. We use quality cleaning supplies and conditioners that are gentle on your vehicle, and eliminate any dirt and debris.

Our high-tech car combines the technique of pressure washing and soft cloth technology that cleans your vehicle with premium quality soap foams. This method ensures a thorough clean from top to toe and provides the ultimate sheen your car deserves.

Our hand car wash service guarantees a superior quality finish that you expect. Our specialty lies in providing customised hand car wash services for our customers. This method helps in providing a better reach to every nook and corner of your vehicle ensuring that no dirt is left, and you get to receive a clean looking vehicle.

Your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned with no risk or damage to any other parts. This also includes your car’s upholstery, we dust and vacuum the cushion, and eliminate any debris or residue that exists. Whether you would like a hand car wash with wax or high-tech car wash with soft cloth technology, we accomplish anything with utmost perfection and complete care for your vehicle.

As the best car detailing service in Melbourne, we provide mobile car detailing services for customers and deliver a superior experience. From a restorative car detailing service to high-end car detailing, we can accomplish anything to make your vehicle look classy.

If you are looking for car wash services near Melbourne, feel free to talk to us on 0403 770 525 today.

Car Storage in Melbourne CBD

For your prestige car storage Melbourne, we have a solid brick warehouse situated in a secure complex with no access to the general public.
Located in Melbourne, close to CBD and easily accessible to all freeways and arterial roads.

Our indoor, secure storage facility will provide total protection for your valuable vehicle.
Whilst in our car storage in Melbourne, we can arrange a number of services for you including, all mechanical and service requirements, wheel repair, dent removal, tyre replacement, leather care and full valet service.


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