Ceramic Coating Melbourne

Ceramic Coating in Melbourne

Do you want your vehicle look as good as new throughout its lifetime? You may wash your vehicle regularly and apply a new coat of wax every few months. But, despite your effort, chips and stains start populating on your vehicle’s exterior. What if there is a product that could provide your vehicle a lifetime protection from all sorts of environmental hazards? Yes, there is! Unsurpassed Vehicle Image has a kit of Nova PRO ceramic coating products that can make your vehicle look shiny and amazing throughout its lifetime.  

What Does Nova Pro Ceramic Coating Encompass And How Does It Work?

Our Nova Pro Ceramic coating comes with an advanced formulation that delivers more gloss and smoothness, and helps maintaining the perfect finish in the long-term. The coating bonds with the factory paint and create a protective layer on your vehicle’s surface. Developed with advanced nano technology, our Nova Pro ceramic coating is at the summit of vehicle coating technology. Provided spectacular levels of physical and chemical resistance, these coatings do not break down or car wash melbourne away, meaning that you don’t need to apply this coating regularly.

Significant Features of Our Nova Pro Ceramic Coating:

  • Nova Pro Ceramic Coating will protect the exterior and interior of your vehicle from deterioration. It not only reduces the swirl marks and scratches but also protect and preserve the factory paint.
  • It gives you mirror effect, maximum glossiness and colour depth by instilling a layer of glass on to the vehicle’s surface. When maintained properly, your car will shine for many years to come.
  • Nova Pro Ceramic Coating is completely resistant to environmental substances such as dirt, dust and bird droppings. This makes vehicle maintenance simple and effortless.
  • Our Nova Pro ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s paint from the ultraviolet rays and reduces the amount of oxidation.
  • Ceramic coating is hydrophobic, which means that water will slide off more easily so that the contaminants can be removed with less effort as you wash the car.
  • Nova Pro Ceramic coating pops up the reflective properties of your vehicle’s paint protection and adds to its clarity and depth.

If you would like to give your car that glossy look, call 0403 770 525 and schedule an appointment with UVI for ceramic coating services. We can guarantee that you will be astonished with the end results.