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A vehicle’s appearance can often be diminished by defects in its paint work. Despite your best efforts to prevent scratches, chips, swirls and bird excrement etching, these defects can occur and are sometimes unavoidable.

Unsurpassed Vehicle Image uses a proven process that will remove scratches, blemishes, swirl marks, holograms and buffer marks, without applying unnecessary coatings to the paintwork. All done at a fraction of the cost of a respray!

Our paint repair and protection process is completely unique and proven to provide an unsurpassed vehicle image. It involves a 5 Step Low Speed Buff Work process which requires a minimum of 3 days and may vary depending on the condition of the vehicle.

The process includes:

  • A washing down of your vehicle with a specialised citrus based cleanser, which removes any scales and existing polishes. This process highlights any defects and scratches in the paint work, so that they can more easily be rectified.
  • All windows, the screen and back glass rubber seals are then taped for protection during the buffing process.
  • 5 step low speed buff work is then commenced, using specialised products and techniques, to remove paintwork blemishes and imperfections caused by scratches, swirl marks, holograms and general dulling of the paintwork surface. This long lasting finish will withstand continuous washing and day to day grime.
  • Your vehicle is then thoroughly washed again with a neutral PH shampoo.
  • Cleaning your vehicle’s wheels, wheel wells, tyres and front fascia with our own citrus based cleaning product, which loosens and removes the dirt, grease and bug residue.
  • A thorough cleaning of the vehicle’s rims with our specially designed brushes, which ensures that the inside of the rims are cleaned as well as the outside. We do not use wheel acids only citrus based cleaning products, which ensures that the calipers and centers do not corrode or rust.
  • Cleaning the door and boot jambs thoroughly.
  • All carpet mats are removed from the car, and pressure washed using our specialised cleaning method. They are then carefully dried, and reinstalled on completion of the detail.
  • Drying all the external surfaces – including the door and boot jambs – all being air blown to ensure that there are no streaks.
  • Cleaning the dashboard, console, steering column, vents and all other internal fittings.
  • Cleaning and carefully drying of all mirrors and both sides of all windows.
  • A thorough vacuum of the vehicle’s interior, including the seats, carpets, boot and rear shelf, plus all the little cracks and crevices are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Cleaning and conditioning of leather seating, using only manufacturer approved products, which correctly maintain the leather’s natural beauty.
  • Tyres are shined.
  • Finally, the vehicle is given a careful hand glazing with the finest quality blend of Carnauba wax and Polymer wax.

For a free quote on our Car Paint Repair and Protection Service, call us now on 0403 770 525 or ask for an online quote.

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