Leather Conditioning

Leather Conditioning Melbourne


All interior leather in a car plays a vital role in keeping the driver and passengers comfortable (function), and making a car interior visually appealing (form). For this reason, it’s important to keep the leather in your car in good condition.

At Unsurpassed Vehicle Image, we bring the same passion and pride to the quality of our work on your car’s leather interior, as we do to looking after every other part of the vehicle. Your car is a valuable machine, and every part of it is a facet of its image, a fact that we take very seriously.

We only use the highest quality manufacturer – approved cleaners and conditioners on your leather to ensure exceptional results. After conditioning, your leather will look and feel just like new – if not better. Our quality truly is unsurpassed, and that is our promise to you.

We also offer a leather repair and leather re-colouring service for seats and door trims.

For a free quote on our leather conditioning service, call us now on 0403 770 525 or ask for an online quote.

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