Tips To Polish Your Car Like A Pro

If you’re a car enthusiast, you would love to keep your car’s interior & exterior impeccably clean. However, when you think of getting a car polishing or car detailing Melbourne service, not necessarily you have to go broke to make your car look like a million dollars. You can achieve the car’s matte finish look by hiring car detailers near you. Also, there are many car detailing shops that can transform your car’s look in top shape at an affordable rate. However, if you’re planning to take up the job of a professional car detailer in Melbourne, here are some tips to do that.


  • Choose a cloudy day not too sunny or rainy and start the car washing in a shaded area. You must ensure that no dirt or dust is left behind because the leftover debris can cause scratches if it gets mixed with the rubbing compound. Once the car body is completely washed, allow the entire car to dry lightly to prevent water spots.


  • When it’s dried, use a clean pad to apply the rubbing compound. If you’re doing it by hand, rub the compound onto the paint surface using parallel strokes gently. This will improve the dull appearance of the vehicle and cover any scuffs or scratch marks. However, if you are using a rotating wheel, set it at the medium speed and do a back and forth motion putting even pressure on them to prevent any swirl marks.


  • When applying the compound, rinse the foam pad as often as needed to prevent any buildup.


  • After covering all the areas of the car with the rubbing compound, give the car’s body another quick wash and let it dry. Once the car is completely dry, buff the body by applying a mix of paste wax and fine finishing polish on a soft foam pad. The purpose of doing this is to have a pristine clean look and to enhance your car’s natural shine.


  • While the wax dries, remove any excess with a microfiber towel. If needed, you can apply the touch-up paint onto the chips or scratches.


Bottom Line

Polishing your car takes a lot of your time and with focused effort, you can make your vehicle get a beautiful exterior to showcase. Also, if you don’t have the time and energy, let the car detailing professionals from Unsurpassed Vehicle Image take charge. For bookings, call 0403 770 525 today.


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