Car Storage Richmond

Car Storage Richmond

Make your vehicle shine with the car detailing services from Unsurpassed Vehicle Image. With years of experience in the industry, our car detailer team has been providing a full range of auto detailing services to vehicle owners across Richmond and the surrounding suburbs.

Our Range Of Services Includes:

Car Detailing, Valet & Washing Richmond:

UVI is the name you can trust for car detailing, valeting and washing services in Richmond. We provide professional valeting services that can leave your vehicle in its pristine condition.

Paint Correction & Protection Richmond:

Surface scratches and imperfections can make your vehicle looking awkward. When left untreated, the scratches will affect the condition of the paintwork and cause irreversible damage. Bring in your vehicle to Unsurpassed Vehicle Image for paint protection service.

Alloy Wheel Repair Richmond:

A great set of alloy wheels is just as important in both function and look. However, completely replacing the damaged or scuffed wheels can be extremely costly. Using a range of techniques and tools, we complete alloy wheel repairs to your expected standard.

Car Scratch Repair & Dent Removal Richmond:

If your vehicle has sustained car scratch repair, dents, dings or creases, our auto body specialists can offer a friendly and affordable service, ensuring the highest quality of work. We undertake any form of car scratch repair and dent removal job for vehicles of all makes and models.

Ceramic Coating Richmond:

Environmental pollutants, dirt and grime can play havoc with your vehicle’s paintwork. Thankfully, there is a way to protect your car’s body – Ceramic Coating. At UVI, we apply ceramic coating to the surface of your vehicle which will protect its appearance for a lifetime. An added benefit of ceramic coating is that it protects your vehicle against rusting and oxidative stress as well.

Are you interested in knowing more about our car detailing process? Give us a call on 0403 770 525 and talk to our car detailers today!

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