Car Storage Fitzroy North

Car Storage Fitzroy North

Whenever you take your car out on the Fitzroy North road, it will come into contact with all sorts of dirt and impurities. With professional car detailing services from Unsurpassed Vehicle Image (UVI), you can enjoy the benefit of driving a perfectly clean vehicle inside and out.

Our Range Of Services Includes:

Car Detailing, Valet & Washing Fitzroy North:

No matter how perfect you wash the vehicle, dust hiding inside the vents, dirty door and dull plastic trims can ruin its look. Let our car detailer team take care of your car detailing, car-washing and valet needs for a seamless finish you can be proud of.

Paint Correction & Protection Fitzroy North:

Nothing beats the visual appeal and colour vibrancy of a brand new car. Over time, the paint fades and looks dull, diminishing the aesthetic feel of your vehicle. If you are meticulous about maintaining the aesthetic value of your vehicle, invest in our paint correction and protection service.

Alloy Wheel Repair Fitzroy North:

Whether your alloy wheels have curb damage, bends from potholes, small cracks or corrosion from environmental factors, we can help you with your alloy wheel repair and prevent you from spending thousands of dollars on a new set of wheels.

Car Scratch Repair & Dent Removal Fitzroy North:

At UVI, we pride ourselves in offering quality, quick scratch repair and dent removal on vehicles of all makes and models. We can fix the dents easily whilst matching the colour of your vehicle to its factory finish.

Ceramic Coating Fitzroy North:

At UVI, we apply specially formulated ceramic coating made of nanoparticles, which creates a transparent layer between your car paint and the environment. This robust layer protects your vehicle against rust and oxidative stress whilst adding an unmatched level of gloss and shine.

No matter whether you own a compact sedan, sports car or luxury vehicle, call UVI at 0403 770 525 for the best car detailing service in Fitzroy North!

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