Interior Car Detailing – Best Way To Keep Your Car Looking Nice!

The best way to maintain the new-look and feel of your car is to carry out regular dusting and vacuuming. Cleaning the outer surface of your car is quite easy when compared to cleaning its interior. Hazy windows, stained carpets and dirty air exhausts requires more than just washing with soap and water. It comes as no surprise that you need complete interior car detailing service to upkeep the freshness of your vehicle.

To achieve a showroom quality polish and cleanliness, we recommend you to hire professional interior car detailing Melbourne.



The first step of interior car detailing involves vacuuming seats, carpets, floor mats, headliners, cargo area, shelf and trunk. To gain access to the hard-to-reach areas, the car detailers use air compressors that help them remove dust easily.

Scrubbing and Steam Cleaning:

Following vacuuming, the auto detailers perform thorough scrubbing on the mats to alleviate accumulated stains and blemishes. To achieve the best results, they also perform carpet steam cleaning.

Windows Cleaning:

The experts use appropriate glass cleaning products to clean the hazy windows. This is a crucial part of interior car detailing as this step ensures that the glass remains shining and is not obscuring the view of the driver.

Leather Seat Trimming:

Leather seats come with a drawback – keeping it clean and fresh can be extremely difficult. Dirt and grime get embedded into its surface over time, affecting its shade. The car detailers use appropriate cleaning products to clean all the leather parts. To make the cleaning job more efficient, leather conditioners may also be used.

Final Clean-up:

To ensure that no dirt is left behind, the car detailers re-vacuum the entire interior cabin. They also wipe clean the dashboards and windows using a specialised cleaning detergent. After completing all the cleaning chores, they will spray a deodorant which accentuates the freshness of your car.

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