Car Storage Thornbury

Give your car a full valet and the best treatment available at Unsurpassed Vehicle Image. Serving drivers across Thornbury and the surrounding suburbs, our car detailer team uses the best cleaning products available and can give your car a brand new look.  

Car Storage Thornbury

Our Range Of Services Includes:

Car Detailing, Valet & Washing

At UVI, we give your car the VIP treatment and make it look & feel as fresh as the day it rolled out of the factory. Our attention to detail makes us the prominent choice for car detailing, washing and valeting service in Thornbury.

Paint Correction & Protection

Our paint correction and protection services are geared towards restoring, rejuvenating and protecting the original paintwork of a vehicle from swirl marks, scratches, buffer trails, hologram, bird drop etching and acid rain etching.

Alloy Wheel Repair Thornbury:

Alloy wheels, with their ability to bolster the value of the car, have become a desirable addition to any vehicle. When these wheels are scraped, scuffed or looking unsightly, they can significantly reduce the car’s value. Bring in your vehicle to UVI for alloy wheel repair and prevent damaging the wheels further.

Car Scratch Repair & Dent
Removal Thornbury:

When it comes to car scratch repair and dent removal, you can trust the experts at Unsurpassed Vehicle Image. Whether the scratch is shallow or deep enough to expose the primer, we will buff it up and make your vehicle looking as shiny as new.

Ceramic Coating Thornbury:

Would you like to protect your vehicle’s interior and exterior from deteriorating for a lifetime? Our ceramic coating, a one-time application, will help maintaining your car’s factory finish for many years to come. The nano technology used in ceramic coating makes it the hardest paint coating available on the market today.

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