Car Storage Clifton Hill

Car Storage Clifton Hill

At Unsurpassed Vehicle Image (UVI), we are committed to providing high-quality car detailing services to the vehicle owners across Clifton Hill and the surrounding suburbs. We offer a quick wash and car detailing service that gives good results in short time.

Our Range Of Services Includes:

Car Detailing, Valet & Washing Clifton Hill:

Our car detailing, washing and valeting service are designed to transform any grimy car into an eye-catching vehicle. Our team works methodically with great care and caution, ensuring every surface is given the ultimate treatment.

Paint Correction & Protection Clifton Hill:

Whether your vehicle is need of paintwork polishing, colour matching, custom paintwork, paint repairs or paint protection service, we have you covered. From a single panel to a full vehicle, we offer a full range of paintwork matching the highest industry standard.

Alloy Wheel Repair Clifton Hill:

Alloy wheels, with their sturdy and shiny finish, impress everyone passes by. Even small damage to these wheels can have a great impact on your vehicle’s look. If your alloy wheels sustain any damages, bring in your vehicle to UVI for alloy wheel repair in Melbourne.

Car Scratch Repair & Dent Removal Clifton Hill:

When it comes to car scratch repair and dent removal in Clifton Hill, our auto body repair work is second to none. From minor dents and scratches to major bodywork, we take the time to restore your vehicle’s appearance to its original glory.

Ceramic Coating Clifton Hill:

Want to protect your vehicle from scratches, stone chips, acid rain, UV rays, dust, dirt, bird droppings and other environmental factors? Why not give a try to our specially formulated ceramic coating? Made using nanotechnology, our ceramic coating creates a paint protective layer that offers improved durability and scratch resistance for your vehicle.

For more information on our car detailing services, call 0403 770 525 and talk to our car detailer team today!

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