Car Storage Carlton North

Car Storage Carlton North

Unsurpassed Vehicle Image (UVI), a highly recognised car detailer in Melbourne, takes pride in offering a wide range of auto detailing and valet services to our customers across Carlton and Carlton North suburbs. From standard car washing to full car protection, we do everything that helps to maintain your vehicle all year round

Our Range Of Services Includes:

Car Detailing Carlton North:

If you are a driver who wants to keep your vehicle in its pristine condition and preserve its value, you would be benefited from our car detailing services. Our car detailers use specialized cleaning agents and equipment to restore your vehicle to its original form and make it looking brand new.

Car Valet & Washing Carlton North:

Our car wash and valet services are performed for the regular maintenance of your vehicle’s exterior and interior as well. We use the best products and techniques available, ensuring the highest standard of service every time.

Paint Correction & Protection Carlton North:

Using the latest paint technology, our experienced technicians can perform paint correction and paint protection to the highest standard. We will repair unsightly scrapes, scuffs and scratches on your vehicle, ensuring its awesome look.

Alloy Wheel Repair Carlton North:

If your alloy wheels become kerbed, chipped or damaged, bring in your vehicle to UVI for alloy wheel repair. We can also do a full restoration, refurbishment, painting and polishing on-site that would cost much less than the price of new wheels.

Car Scratch Repair & Dent Removal Carlton North:

Even a small scratch or dent on your vehicle’s body will devalue your car. At UVI, we are happy to carry out dent removal and car scratch repair on vehicles of all makes and models.

Ceramic Coating Carlton North:

Our specially formulated ceramic coating has quickly become the most preferred protective coating due to its ability to offer a high degree of oxidation and resistance against corrosion, acid rain, UV damage and other environmental pollutants.

For appointments, Unsurpassed Vehicle Image invite you to call us at 0403 770 525.

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