Car Detailing Procedures – Step-By-Step DIY Guide For Beginners

Car detailing is always a maze. There are several levels of car detailing Melbourne with different theories and techniques. Here is a simplified DIY guide with proven methods and practical steps on how to detail your vehicle the best way.

Step By Step Guide For Car Detailing:

                 1. Start with the wheels – Soak the wheels in a quality wheel cleaner and clean the grubbiest area with brushes. After cleaning the grubs, do the paint work.

                 2. Pre-cleaning – Apply pre-cleaning solution that are gentle on wax or sealant layers to remove stubborn grime.

                    3. Spray Snow Foam – Applying snow foams break down dirt and remove loose particles from the vehicle. It also reduces the occurrence of swirl marks to the paint work during the washing stage.

         4. Shampooing – Use a top-quality shampoo to reduce the likelihood of scratches and swirls from inflicting.  Apply the shampoo solution from top to down and then wash the surface with clean water.

                 5. Remove The Tar – Use a solvent tar remover to soften and do away with any tar that is stuck to the paint. Following this, you must rewash the vehicle to ensure that the solvents are completely washed off.

                 6. Remove remaining contamination – Rub the clay bars over the paint work to shave off the remaining contamination. Then wash and rinse the vehicle again.

                    7. Drying – Use microfiber towel and wipe the vehicle from the top and work your way down to ensure that every area is completely dry and free from streaks.

                 8. Polishing – Though you can use a machine polisher, it is always recommended to polish by hand to achieve a perfect finish.

                9. Go With Ceramic Coating – After washing the car, you can protect the paint finish with ceramic coating Melbourne. It offers unparalleled protection and shine to your vehicle for a long span of time.

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