5 Common Car Detailing Myths Debunked

Car detailing involves removing bonded contaminants and oxidation from the exterior of a vehicle, and meticulously assessing its body for the elements that require repairs or adjustments. However, many drivers forget how crucial and effective these services are. They simply believe in myths about this service and end up damaging their cars in the long run.

Let’s Debunk The Truths Behind 5 Common Car Detailing Myths:

Dishwashing Detergents Is Safe To Use:

This myth has been in existence for decades. Dishwashing soap was made to remove oil, grease and food, but not designed for cleaning the vehicle. When you use dishwashing soap on your car, it may scrap off silicone and polymers, making the paint job looking dull. When it comes to car wash Melbourne, you need something that can preserve the shine and provide protection from the pollutants.

Waxing Removes Swirl Marks:

Most people believe that swirl marks can easily be removed by waxing, but the truth is that polishing is the best technique to get rid of swirl marks. Adding a layer of ceramic coating will protect your paint job.

Wax Protection Lasts For Years:

Due to the increased pollution in the modern era, you cannot expect the wax protection to last for years. In fact, wax just lasts for less time and so, you should be getting your vehicle waxed every season or at least twice a year. Ceramic coating Melbourne provides ultimate protection to your vehicle’s paint job and will last for multiple years.

Towel And Flannel Will Do The Job:

This is another pervasive myth that exists among people. While old towels and t-shirts feel soft on your skin, their polyester threads can scratch your car’s paint and produce swirl marks on the clear coat. Microfiber towels can be the best thing that you can use for car detailing Melbourne purposes.

Shiny Cars Do Not Need Cleaning:

If you believe that a pretty-looking, shiny car is clean, unfortunately you are wrong. Shiny cars are not as clean as the washed cars. After washing and drying the vehicle, you simply run your fingers on its surface. If you feel something rough or bumpy, it means that still there are contaminants left behind on your car. These contaminants can be removed with pre-wax polishing and car detailing clay.

If you live in Melbourne, car detailing is even easier. Unsurpassed Vehicle Image offers concourse car detailing, ceramic coating, car valet, alloy wheel repairs Melbourne, paint protection and correction services for the passionate drivers. If you want to give your car the proper care and protection it deserves, call 0403 770 525 and schedule an appointment today.

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